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TwixT Global Web Design and Internet Services

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web site and Internet services at affordable prices for companies
that care about their presentation. TwixT Global provides strategic
solutions for Internet marketing for businesses both large and small.
Our in depth knowledge of visual design, IT, the Internet and web
marketing enables us to offer our clients creative solutions to maintain
competitiveness. The best businesses deserve the best web design.
Improve your business with a dynamic web site. Make great first impressions
with a creative web site. Award winning web design will capture the
clients. Dynamic and rich content will keep the clients. First impressions
are everything. Improve your business prospects by updating your old
web design. A good web site must be balanced. A great web site balances
stimulating with informative. Great web sites are attractive and very
fast. Technology is balanced with accessibility on premium web sites.
Quality must be balanced with the client’s budget. And good web sites
balance content with less text and readability. At TwixT Global, we
pride ourselves on creating websites that are: original, individual,
unique, tailored, fresh, crisp, clear, informative, interactive, dynamic,
fast, easy, uncluttered, accessible and innovative. Your website should
reflect the best qualities of your business. Focus on branding, focus
on customers, focus on success. TwixT Global can help your business
with any of the following: market image, CD ROM production, flash
animation, e-commerce, live web cams, WAP, lap top presentations,
intranet, merchant accounts, site management and database integration.
We can create an individual hosting package for you which may include:
search engine submission, domain name purchase, domain name parking,
customer support, e-mail addresses, site promotion, maintenance, e-mail
forwarding, reciprocal links, regular statistical reports, url forwarding,
banner ads, secure server, password protection and databases. Web
site design does not end with the design. To save you time our experts
can provide a full range of services. These include: short-term project
management, feasibility study, long-term project management, market
research, consultancy, development of a business plan, training, finding
funding, recruitment and publicity.